Video: Shaping a boule

This shaping technique is our favorite at the moment – Great results!

This little clip shows you how to shape your dough into a boule (round or ball shaped bread).
In the clip Ed uses the technique with a wholewheat sourdough / levain 68% hydration dough.

You can find the complete recipe of our favorite wholewheat sourdough bread here.

The aim of this technique is to create tension on the outer surface of your boule. This tension will help you to get a good oven spring and a nice ear on your bread, provided you score your bread correctly.

Shaping efforts rewarded with good looking boules

Shaping stages of a boule – the last ‘rolling the ball’ stage feels rather cool..

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10 Responses to Video: Shaping a boule

  1. Will Byrd says:

    LOVE your website and the video of boule shaping. More often than not I shape my loaves as boules and your shaping technique makes it so easy. Of course I have a question and this is it .. When my loaves are finished baking and I remove them to a rack for cooling, they are beautifully smooth on the surface; well rounded and exactly as I want them. Then as they cool …. often they begin to dimple/wrinkle on top, losing that beautifully rounded taut surface. How can I prevent that from happening?

    Thank you!!

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hi Will,

      You need to make sure your bread is well cooked /baked so not too much excess moisture can travel to the surface after baking and soften your crust. So check your oven temperature (see tips here:…your-oven/) and/or maybe try giving the loaf a few extra minutes baking time. Use steam but be sure to release that steam well before the end of the bake.

      Good luck with it!

      Ed & Marieke

  2. Yury says:

    awesome video, puts a smile on my face

  3. Ben says:

    What a great little video…thank you!!

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