The homemade butter project

Our first attempt at making butter was a deliberate one and it turned out as planned. Lovely fresh butter, a plain version and a version with a hint of coarse salt. To make it a little bit more exciting and to… >>

How to make French financiers

The shape of this little French cake is said to derive from the traditional rectangular mold, which resembles a bar of gold. This recipe is basic, but oh so good (the simple things usually are). You can add all kinds of… >>

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    • Leuk om te kijken: Vanmiddag om 15.05 op ZDF - De finale van Deutschlands bester Bäcker. De strijd gaat tussen twee talentvolle dames
    • Patience is really rewarded with the Tartine, especially in taste we think. Great to see. Enjoy!
    • Glad you persisted and it worked. Excellent!
    • it worked, and it tastes fantastic, thankyou!
    • dat zijn de leukste! Enjoy!
    • Spontane bakdag :) appel-cranberry scones met room, met dank aan erg lekker!
    • How great! Let us know when the time comes and I am sure we can work something out.
    • not double not a problem, there is life and growth, so it is working, just be patient and let it mature.