Large mixing bowls

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Food grade plastic mixing bowls, absolute odorless. Three sizes, 6, 9 or 13 liter capacity.

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Food grade plastic mixing bowl, absolute odorless. Three sizes available. Indications for loaves based on 750 g dough or 1.5 litre per loaf.

  • 6 liter - 4 loaves / outside measure 32cm Ø 
  • 9 liter - 6 loaves / outside measure 36cm Ø
  • 13 liter - 8 loaves / outside measure 40cm Ø

We have been using these mixing bowls intensively since 2009 and they are still odorless and still do a perfect job. We love them for all our dough and batter making, because of the bigger size you can mix, combine and stir to your heart’s content!

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